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What does “virgin” hair mean?

Virgin hair is 100% human hair that has never been chemically processed. It has never been relaxed, dyed, colored, bleached or chemically altered in any way. Weaves using virgin hair give you the most natural look possible since its actual human hair. In addition, virgin hair gives you the flexibility of being able to dye, bleach, and use heat on your hair.

Will the hair look exactly like the photos on the site?

All photos on our website feature our actual products! That being said, our hair is collected from different donors, which may cause a slight variation in the curl/wave patterns and color.

How is the length measured?

All hair is measured when pulled straight and are true to length. This means that the tighter the curl, the longer you’ll need to go to achieve the same desired length.  

What is the difference between a closure and a frontal?

Frontals, which are also known as "half wigs," are 13in x 4in pieces that completely cover your hairline from ear to ear. Frontals are usually used in conjunction with bundles to completely cover your natural hair and give your hairline a completely natural and flawless look. Clients who decide to use a frontal receive the added benefit of being able to part your hair in any way, which gives a more natural hairline. Depending on the technique used to install the piece, clients may also have the flexibility of putting their hair up in a natural-looking bun or ponytail.

Closures are shorter in diameter than lace frontals. These pieces only cover the middle of the head (although your stylist can position it on either side) and allow you to part your hair in the front without leaving any of your natural hair out. Because these pieces only cover a small portion of your hairline, they allow for less flexibility than frontals. As with the frontal, the rest of the hair is weaved and the closure is sewn to the braids on the top of your head. Closures will not last as long as your bundles and are meant for 1-2 applications depending upon installation, length of use and your personal hair care.

How much hair is needed for a full sew-in?

The fullness that you desire is ultimately your decision. All of our bundles are 3.5oz (100 grams) but remember that longer hair equals shorter weft width as your weight tends to be more in the length of the bundles as opposed to the width.

We suggest three bundles for lengths in between 12 and 24 inches, and four to five bundles for lengths in between 26 and 32 inches. Additional bundles may be used if you want to achieve a more voluminous look.

How long does the hair last?

One of the best benefits of wearing virgin hair is that, just like the hair on your own head, it doesn’t have any sort of expiration date! Depending on how you maintain and protect your hair, it can last up to one year and beyond. The key is proper maintenance. Be sure to detangle and moisturize regularly!  

What color does the hair come in?

Virgin hair only comes in natural colors of the donors, typically this is 1B-2 (dark brown to light brown). You cannot specify if you'd like a lighter or darker shade, though most bundles are dark brown.

Can I color the hair?

Of course! Like we’ve mentioned, STITCHÈ HAIR is just like the hair on your head. We recommend that you use a professional colorist that specializes in coloring hair extensions. Extra care will be needed because the hair is not attached to the scalp and does not retain its own moisture; you must keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. Bleached hair in particular may experience shedding.

Dying or bleaching your hair will mean the hair will no longer be considered “virgin” since its been chemically processed. Once hair has been colored or altered in any way, STITCHE HAIR cannot be held responsible for any issues. Be sure to moisturize your hair thoroughly after any coloring service.

Can the weft be cut?

Our wefts are not meant to be cut as this causes shedding. If you need to cut your weft, you should seal the ends with our weft sealer to minimize shedding. Failure to seal the weft can result in issues with the longevity of your hair.

Can I straighten the hair?

Absolutely! This is the beauty of virgin hair - it's just like the hair on your head! You can flat iron, curl, wand or whatever you like to your virgin hair. When you wash your hair, your wave/curl pattern will return. However, continuous heat will result in your wave/curl pattern loosening.

Does the hair shed?

You will experience minimum shedding, meaning it will not compromise the volume and fullness of your hair. Proper hair care and maintenance is essential.

How should I protect my hair at night?

That is solely up to your discretion. We recommend against going to sleep with wet hair. Sleeping on wet hair will cause your hair to tangle, which may cause your hair to lose its natural curl pattern or to shed. Wrapping your hair will help prolong your style and will be particularly helpful if you choose to wear a closure or frontal.

Can I go swimming with STITCHE HAIR ?

Yes, however, we would suggest putting your hair in a protective style to keep the hair from tangling. Be sure to 1) wash and condition the hair immediately after swimming and 2) ensure your natural hair fully dries underneath your weave.

How can I get my hair to return to its natural curl pattern?

To get your hair back to its natural state: wet your extensions, condition, rinse and scrunch from the bottom up. Excessive heat will make the process harder to return to the curl pattern.

How do I maintain my hair?

Before you install your hair, be sure to thoroughly wash/condition your bundles. It’s important that you do this prior to installation while its easiest to wash the entire bundle - including the weft. Failure to wash your hair prior to installation may negatively affect your hair's longevity. Rinse your hair using cold water and let it completely air dry.

After installation, make sure you regularly (approx. weekly) shampoo and condition your hair. Most importantly, make sure you let your hair dry completely, especially your scalp. Failure to let your hair dry completely will result in a mildew odor, since moisture will be trapped in between your scalp and hair. Should this happen to you, it is best to remove your hair and follow the pre-installation instructions. Your natural hair will also need to be conditioned and dried thoroughly. Be sure to use a good non-alcohol based shampoo/conditioner that will provide moisture to your hair (our personal favorites include Biolage Matrix, Framesi and Joico, but you may choose any product that works for you)! Keep styling products to a minimum to avoid weighing down your hair and avoid using heat when possible.

Additionally, a hair care guide is included with every purchase!

Is there a location where I can come purchase hair?

For you convenience STITCHE HAIR is located at 9911 Pico blvd #200w Suite 7 Los Angeles,Ca 90035 inside Salon Republic.


Generally, bundle orders take 5-7 business days to be delivered to you from the day the order was placed. We also offer overnight shipping. Please call our customer service number for more information. Once your hair ships, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number for your convenience. All orders are shipped using USPS Priority, which includes Saturday delivery if available in your area. A signature is required for all orders to be delivered for security purposes. If no one is available at the address, a notice will be left for you to pick up your package at your local post office at your earliest convenience.

Closures, frontals, clip-ins, tape hair and blonde hair are all made to order and may take 7-10 business days to be delivered.

Please keep in mind that holidays do not count as business days and we are not responsible for late shipments due to holidays, natural disasters or carrier delays. We entrust USPS to deliver your package on time; we will not offer reimbursement if your package is not received in time due to USPS error.

We suggest that you do not book your hair appointment until your order is received. We are not responsible for any missed appointments.


International orders are shipped using USPS International Express. Generally, this takes about 7-10 business days to be delivered to you, but it depends on your country's customs and delivery service. We cannot be held responsible for any delays due to customs, nor any fees charged by your country's customs department.

For security purposes, we only ship to the billing address associated with the credit card you are using to place your order.


All sales are FINAL. We do not offer any returns, nor do we offer any exchanges. Once hair has been chemically altered STITCHE HAIR, cannot be responsible since it is no longer in its virgin state. Please be sure to inspect your hair before installation to ensure your satisfaction. Under federal law, you cannot return any human hair products which have been used due to hygiene purposes.